Night Will Fall

Director: André Singer

When Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps, their terrible discoveries were recorded by army cameramen, revealing for the first time the horror of what had happened. Night Will Fall is the story of the incredible efforts made by British cameramen to film and document the unbelievable atrocities the Allies encountered during the Liberation of the German Concentration camps in 1945 at the end of World War II. The Ministry of Information’s Sidney Bernstein collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock to make a documentary that was to provide undeniable proof that these frightful crimes actually happened.  For a number of reasons that Andre Singer’s powerful film explores the film was ultimately shelved and languished in British archives for years until the Imperial War Museum completed the film in 2014. In this intimate and emotional film we meet the cameramen and the survivors who participated in the original documentary and tell their unforgettable stories for the first time.

The film received a generally positive reaction from critics. Variety called it a "powerful, must-see documentary." In The Guardian, critic Peter Bradshaw said the film shows "images which I have certainly never seen before. It exposes once again the obscenity of Holocaust denial. This is an extraordinary record. But be warned. Once seen, these images cannot be unseen." The New York Times called it "not a film you’re likely to forget," and that "what the new film accomplishes, more than anything else, is to make you wish you could see the original." The film's score, composed by Nicholas Singer, was nominated for Best Composition in a Feature Film at the 2015 UK Music and Sound Awards. The film won the Royal Television Society award for History in 2016 where it was cited as "A landmark film, an affirmation of the importance of television as a medium of truth and a document of record in itself.” 

Night Will Fall won a Peabody Award in New York in April 2016 and it has also received a staggering five nominations for the 37th News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

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